Information about the Anatolian Shepherd Dog


The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed from Anatolia, the central part of Turkey.  For thousands of years, shepherds have used these dogs to protect their flocks from predators.  Over time, the shepherds have developed a dog that will adopt the flock as his own and live with it, be calm so as not to frighten the livestock, and be capable of working independently without constant supervision.  The dog is large so it will be intimidating to predators, and it is strong and fast and agile, but it is also calm and gentle with young stock, dependable about staying on the job with its flock, and intelligent enough to try to warn and chase away predators before resoting to the use of force.

In Australia, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are widely used in a working capacity to protect farm assets (ie diesel fuel, grain for export, machinery) and fenced livestock such as sheep, goats, chickens, deer, horses etc.  They may also be found in semi-rural and suburban environments in the role of family guardian and companion.  Anatolian Shepherds are an adaptable, strong, hardy, long-living dog, but due to their large size, strength and wilful nature, require a home where owners will give the young Anatolian the obedience and socialization training necessary, for it to develop into a well-adjusted family member.

Whether the Anatolian is being considered as a livestock protector or family guardian and companion, consideration must be given to the fact that the Anatolian Shepherd is not the dog for everyone.  The Anatolian should have the type of environment to keep him healthy (excercise), safe (good fencing) and trustworthy (socialisation and training).  While ownership of the Anatolian Shepherd entails more responsibilty and committment than most other breed of dog, the Anatolian can be a wonderful intelligent companion, guardian and friend.


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Anadol Barcak (Imp UK) - July 1985 - first working Anatolian in Australia